Eli Wilner elected as trustee for the New York Academy of Art

Eli Wilner is proud to have been elected as a trustee for the New York Academy of Art. The NYAA was founded in 1982 by artists, scholars and patrons of the arts who were interested in fostering the resurgence of figurative and representational art. The Academy fulfills its mission by dedicating itself to scholarship, research and discourse that foster the talents of contemporary artists through a 2-year Master of Fine Arts degree program, continuing education courses, summer programs, and lectures serving both the professional artist and the general public.

“The Academy’s board is made up of a group of long-time supporters who are very involved with the institution. New members are invited only after careful consideration,” said David Kratz, president of the Academy. “We are delighted to have Eli as part of the board. His commitment to skill and craft, as evidenced by the frames produced by his company, are right in line with the Academy’s mission and his entrepreneurial energy and ideas would be an asset to any board."

Eli Wilner & Company – www.EliWilner.com

New York Academy of Art – www.NYAA.edu


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