Eli Wilner and Company Honored to Frame for the Artrageous Gala and Auction

Eli Wilner & Company is honored to have supported this year’s 11th Annual ARTrageous fundraiser on May 23, 2011. The auction was a huge success raising $1.2 million for Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families.  The money raised through ARTrageous is the single largest source of private income for Edwin Gould and will help them continue to provide quality programs and services to thousands of children and teens residing in foster care in New York City.

Some of the highlights of the auction included the following:

Jeff Koons

Eli Wilner replica of a shaped and painted modernist frame

Stephen Hannock

Eli Wilner replica of a shaped and stained 19th century American frame

George Condo

Eli Wilner replica of a shaped and silver-gilded modernist frame


Donald Baechler

Eli Wilner replica of a shaped and painted modernist frame

April Gornik

Eli Wilner replica of shaped and painted American frame, circa 1920’s

About Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families (EGSCF)

EGSCF provides health care, mental health screenings, counseling, and ongoing recreational activities for New York City children in foster care. They ensure that every child is placed in a home where they will be able to succeed and be loved. EGSCF also makes sure that children have an ongoing relationship with their birth parents even if they aren’t in their care. In addition to all this support, they also created a 24 hour hotline for foster parents for when they are faced with foster care challenges. The largest goal for EGSCF is to do whatever it is possible to keep a family unit together.

About Eli Wilner & Company

Recognized as the foremost worldwide authority on antique frames, and founded in 1983, Eli Wilner & Company specializes in American and European frames from the 17th-through mid-20th centuries.  Clients include fine art collectors, major art and historical institutions as well as The White House, where he has created 28 frames for its collection.

With an atelier composed of a team of thirty highly skilled artisans, including 15 frame conservators, and over 10,000 custom framing projects completed to date, Eli Wilner & Company takes pride in each project.  Every frame is handcrafted to not only reflect the time in which the painting was created, but also to best reflect the framing choices known to be made by the artists themselves.



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