New Release of eWilner Frames App for iPhone and iPad

Eli Wilner is proud to offer our latest version of our eWilner Frames app for the iPhone and  iPad. Last year we first introduced an application for framing digital photos on Apple iPhone and iPad devices. The app allows users to email, Twitter, send to Facebook or print their “photo masterpieces” framed with any of more than 100 styles in high resolution, based on only the very best frames from our past and present inventory. Since the first release of the eWilner Frames app last year, we have received some excellent feedback and have heard a lot of suggestions from users, incorporating them into this updated release of the app. Beyond streamlining and increasing overall user friendliness, we’ve added some really cool features, such as a “Shuffle” button that selects a new frame at random each time it is pressed – a great way to quickly experiment with different styles during those moments of artistic inspiration! We are continually working to update and improve our app so that we might offer the best product we can and as always, we invite you to email us with your feedback at .


eWilner Frames for iPad

eWilner Frames for iPhone








I began exploring digital photo frames in late 2009 as a way to share my love of framing with the entire world. These frames truly are treasures; what better way to show people how beautiful they really are than by letting them see firsthand how an exquisite frame can transform an image – in this case using their own photos! We’ve spent a lot of time and energy working to deliver a truly high quality app that is not only easy and fun to use, but also creates meaningful keepsakes that can easily be shared with friends and family.

About Eli Wilner & Company

Recognized as the foremost worldwide authority on antique frames, and founded in 1983, Eli Wilner & Company specializes in American and European frames from the 17th-through mid-20th centuries.  Clients include fine art collectors, major art and historical institutions as well as The White House, where he has created 28 frames for its collection.

With an atelier composed of a team of thirty highly skilled artisans, including 15 frame conservators, and over 10,000 custom framing projects completed to date, Eli Wilner & Company takes pride in each project.  Every frame is handcrafted to not only reflect the time in which the painting was created, but also to best reflect the framing choices known to be made by the artists themselves.


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