Eli Wilner Donates Frame to the Grolier Club

Eli Wilner & Company is delighted to have donated a frame to the Grolier Club to surround their new acquisition, Study for ‘Jean Grolier in the house of Aldus Manutius’ by François Flameng (1856-1923). The painting is the study for a much larger painting of the same scene that is in the Grolier Club.


Club member Anne Hoy generously purchased the painting and gifted it to The Grolier Club.  Wilner’s choice of frame was based on the Italian Renaissance scene depicted. The simple carved and gilded Italian cassetta frame style dates to the Renaissance and is accented by a delicate punchwork pattern on the frieze.



Study for ‘Jean Grolier in the house of Aldus Manutius’ by François Flameng (1856-1923), with and Eli Wilner replica of an Italian frame, circa 18th century, shaped and gilded with punchwork frieze.

The Grolier Club

The Grolier Club is a society of bibliophiles, founded in New York City in January, 1884, the oldest such club in North America. The club is named after Jean Grolier de Servières, Viscount d’Aguisy, Treasurer General of France, whose library was famous; his motto, “Io. Grolierii et amicorum” [of or belonging to Jean Grolier and his friends], suggested his generosity in sharing books.  The Club’s stated objective is “the literary study of the arts pertaining to the production of books, including the occasional publication of books designed to illustrate, promote and encourage these arts; and the acquisition, furnishing and maintenance of a suitable club building for the safekeeping of its property, wherein meetings, lectures and exhibitions shall take place from time to time… .”


The Grolier Club maintains a research library specializing in books, bibliography and bibliophily, printing (especially the history of printing and examples of fine printing), binding, illustration and bookselling.




About Eli Wilner & Company

Recognized as the foremost worldwide authority on antique frames, and founded in 1983, Eli Wilner & Company specializes in American and European frames from the 17th-through mid-20th centuries.  Clients include fine art collectors, major art and historical institutions as well as The White House, where he has created 28 frames for its collection.


With an atelier composed of a team of thirty highly skilled artisans, including 15 frame conservators, and over 10,000 custom framing projects completed to date, Eli Wilner & Company takes pride in each project.  Every frame is handcrafted to not only reflect the time in which the painting was created, but also to best reflect the framing choices known to be made by the artists themselves.



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